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Daytona Beach, Florida, Real Estate Lawyers

       KVP is widely recognized as one of Central Florida's leading real estate development and transactional law firms. Our attorneys regularly represent developers, home builders, financial institutions, lenders, banks, mortgage holders and individuals involved in buying, selling, developing, exchanging, and financing commercial and residential real estate. In addition, we have experience in requirements of Florida law as it relates to community associations such as homeowner (HOA) and condominium associations (COA). We routinely handle mortgage foreclosures for clients.

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Central Florida Real Estate Attorneys

       In recent years, Florida commercial real estate law has become increasingly complex. In order to continue to provide effective legal counsel, our firm has developed an extensive real estate library and software packages that enable us to efficiently manage our clients' real estate projects.

       With the assistance of our experienced and trained support staff, our Florida real estate lawyers can provide dependable legal advice and representation on a wide variety of residential, commercial, and governmental real estate matters including:

  • Real estate contract negotiation and preparation
  • Development, improvement, subdivision, and the sale of property
  • Examination of abstracts, surveys, and issuance of title opinions
  • Governmental and agency action on subdivision platting approval, zoning, variances, environmental requirements, and local, state, and federal approvals
  • Issuance of title insurance and handling closings as authorized title insurance agent
  • Land trusts and various entities for owning and developing real estate
  • Mortgage and lien foreclosure suits
  • Negotiation and preparation of leases for shopping centers, office buildings, and other commercial and residential properties
  • Preparation of closing documents
  • Preparation of condominium and homeowners association documents, qualification and filings (including all requirements)
  • Quiet title suits and real estate litigation
  • Representation of banks, mortgage companies, savings and loan associations and lenders
  • Representation of real estate brokers, surveyors, engineers, and developers
  • Sale, purchase and financing of motels, apartment buildings, office buildings, duplexes, restaurants, lounges, warehouses, shopping centers, stores, radio stations, auto dealerships, office complexes, multi-family and single family residences

       In addition, our firm regularly represents clients before state, local, and federal agencies relating to environmental permitting, land use, water law, ad valorum tax issues, and variances.

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